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  • Energy production

    The Gaia-Wind turbine is a highly productive and quiet running MCS certified turbine, designed to operate in moderate wind speeds.

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    Ever spent time to understand how users perceived your well crafted work?


Noise Input

One of the quietest wind generators thanks to the rotors constant speed of rotation

Understanding noise output

The main source of noise from a wind generator is the blade tips cutting through the air.

Our generator is expertly designed to rotate at a constant speed ensuring that noise levels remain low across a range of wind speeds. A quiet machine offers a greater range of planning options when deciding on its site position.

Many of our competitors have variable speed machines which results in variability in noise levels and changes in the tonality and this causes additional disruption as the human ear responds to that change.

What the GW133 small wind generator sounds like from different distances in a moderate 8m/s breeze, a good kite flying day...

Noise comparisons

The table below compares noise data for similar sized units

  • MCS certification data, Hayes McKenzie Report
  • Evoco 10 acoustic report V2  
  • Proven P35-2 Noise Performance Test, Hayes McKenzie Report 2264 R1, 28th Sept 2010, MCS certification suspended
  • Xzeres UK website

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