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  • Energy production

    The Gaia-Wind turbine is a highly productive and quiet running MCS certified turbine, designed to operate in moderate wind speeds.

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    Ever spent time to understand how users perceived your well crafted work?


Design and Innovation

Inspirational small wind generator design

The GW133 small wind generator is approved in the UK, Denmark, Italy, Japan, and has been rigorously tested in the USA.

Key design features:

Oversized rotor – our small wind generator’s oversized rotor allows it to capture significantly more energy than similarly rated machines. Greater renewable energy production increases return on investment, generating better value for you

Triple safety system – with three levels of braking mechanisms the Gaia Wind small wind generator is class leading in terms of safety.  The comprehensive safety system protects the generator by automatically ‘parking’ the rotor when wind speeds reach 56mph or above ensuring the blade never overspeeds

Modular components – we use high quality off-the-shelf (rather than bespoke) components so customers are always assured of the long-term availability of spare parts. As the blade rotates at a constant speed, wear-and-tear is reduced, ensuring service and repair costs are minimised

Noise output – our machine is designed to rotate at a steady, constant speed which ensures that it runs quietly.

Aesthetics – to us ‘environment’ means more than just clean renewable energy. The aesthetically pleasing design of our small wind generator with its reflection-free light grey blades blends with the surroundings allowing it to stand comfortably in the countryside

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Gaia Wind (Green Energy Solutions) Limited

1 Lochrin Square, 92-98 Fountainbridge,
Edinburgh, EH3 9QA,
Scotland, United Kingdom
Tel: 0800 448 8028


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