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    The Gaia-Wind turbine is a highly productive and quiet running MCS certified turbine, designed to operate in moderate wind speeds.

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Excellent energy production from his Gaia-Wind turbine means that Stuart Stephen has managed to reduce his quarterly energy bills by up to 75% on his Aberdeenshire farm.

Purchased turbine: January 2011

Average annual energy production: 43,000kWh

Predicted payback period: 4 years

At Netherthirds Farm in the North East of Scotland, we do mixed farming; cattle, sheep, and arable which includes potatoes, spring barley and mixed vegetables. 

My entire farm is powered by our turbine which feeds amongst other things, our house, home baking business, potato grading, grain dryer and lighting throughout the entire property.

Making the right choice of wind turbine

Turbine reliability was my number one deciding factor. Buying a wind turbine is a 20 year investment and I wanted to ensure that my investment was protected.

I researched the turbines on the market and the Gaia-Wind 133-11kW stood out from the rest due to its outstanding track record of reliability and production. The Gaia-Wind turbine was an easy choice.

Outstanding production

The average wind speed of my site was predicted to be 5.65m/s (12.5 mph) generating around 31,040kWh/year. In fact it has produced about 43,000kWh in its first year! Based on our first year we expect our investment payback time to be about 4 years.

Big energy bill savings

Energy consumption on the farm varies but generally it ranges between about 60% - 90% of the turbine’s production. Our energy bills have come down dramatically, especially the bill covering the quarter when we do our grain drying, which has come down by about 75%.

Plans for turbine number two

I am absolutely delighted with our Gaia-Wind turbine, so much so that I am planning a second one. I’m making great savings on my electricity bills and generating an additional income for my farm business.


Gaia Wind (Green Energy Solutions) Limited

1 Lochrin Square, 92-98 Fountainbridge,
Edinburgh, EH3 9QA,
Scotland, United Kingdom
Tel: 0800 448 8028


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