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More than 20 years of small wind turbine design and innovation.

Performance. Reliability. Safety. Control.

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New! Danish Feed in Tariff and Tax Break for Gaia-Wind Turbines

Gaia-Wind’s GW133-10kW turbine, has achieved the Danish Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Small businesses can also take advantage of a tax break of almost 30% on new capital purchases.

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Gaia-Wind is a world leading manufacturer of high performance small wind turbines.

Reduce your energy costs, generate an income, offset your carbon footprint.

Gaia-Wind 133 small wind turbines have a long track record of reliability. Designed in Denmark and manufactured in Scotland to operate in moderate wind speed areas, they have been in operation for almost 20 years and can now be found in over 500 sites worldwide. Our customers find installing one or more Gaia-Wind turbines an easier and more convenient way of generating ROI than medium wind turbines.

  • Income generator – our turbine is MCS accredited making it eligible for grants and financial subsidy schemes such as the UK feed in tariff. Overcome rising energy costs
  • High energy production – our small wind turbine’s oversized blade allows it to capture much more energy from the wind than similar sized turbines, providing earlier payback and greater earnings
  • Tried and tested design – nearly 20 years of Danish design experience and field testing. Rigorously tested and approved by Risø in Denmark (HB Certificate), TÜV-NEL in Scotland and the UK (MCS Accreditation), and NREL in USA
  • Quiet - the quietest turbine across the full range of wind speeds. Its steady rotation reduces noise nuisance, such as that from medium wind turbines, which offers more site options for planning applications
  • Reliability and safety – three levels of braking mechanisms mean that the blade never over-speeds or runs out of control. Repair costs are kept to a minimum and your small wind turbines are ensured a long life

Our wind turbines are ideally suited for working farms, businesses, rural properties, and community projects, and installing one or more Gaia-Wind turbines provides an easier and more convenient way of generating ROI than medium wind turbines.

We are dedicated to ensuring our customers benefit from the outstanding performance and economic advantages offered by our wind turbines.

To find out more about our small wind turbines and for a free consultation on whether your site is suitable: contact us for more information

Gaia-Wind 133 turbine

  • High energy yield
  • Feed in tariff eligible
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Quiet
  • Clean energy

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Better value small wind turbines

Gaia-Wind small wind turbines really do generate better value for you. The Gaia-Wind 133 turbine is the best performing small wind turbine in its class by a significant margin.

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Make sense of turbine comparisons

Comparing small wind turbines can be tricky without an understanding of exactly what affects the amount of energy they produce. This short guide explains a few important differences.

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Generate additional income from tariffs and incentives

Tariffs and incentives vary the world over. The UK Government operate a Feed in Tariff of 26.7p per kWhr while in the USA rebates and incentives are developed locally and vary in nature.

Generate more income with Gaia-Wind